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A day boarding and residential school offering CBSE syllabus located in Dharapuram, Tirupur District.

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Education & School


The SMARTEST way to think-Looking at the BIG picture.

Education & School

Student centred learning

Children decide WHAT  they learn and HOW they learn.

Education & School



Education & School


Students think OUT OF THE proverbial BOX, experimenting with and exploring the problem.

Education & School


Access to technology EMPOWERS and FACILITATES our educators and students to build 21st Century skills.

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About GFIS

GFIS (Greenfield International School) is a unique offering to the people of Dharapuram, Tiruppur District and surrounding areas, providing an education which is a perfect blend of modern learning vested with rich Indian values.

Located in one of the oldest towns of south India along the banks of Amaravati River, GFIS, is a K-12 co-educational school, affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, (CBSE), New Delhi.


We are now accepting applications for all grades for this academic year.

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Message from Chairman

As GFIS enters its 11th year, it's important to revisit the school's values and principles that make it an exceptional place to learn. While academic excellence is a top priority, we achieve this through a comprehensive CBSE curriculum, innovative teaching methods, and state-of-the-art facilities. Our dedicated teachers, who benefit from smaller class sizes and low student-to-teacher ratios, are committed to providing the best education possible. Our institution is led by a capable and experienced Director who oversees all aspects of operations. The management team sets long-term goals and policies and provides financial and infrastructural support.

GFIS is a unique learning environment with several distinguishing features. The school's location amidst lush greenery along the Dharapuram to Coimbatore highway fosters a connection with nature, promoting ecological awareness and responsibility among students. To complement classroom instruction, we prioritize sports and outdoor activities. We believe a great school not only prepares students to succeed academically, but also equips them with life skills. GFIS dedicates ample time to developing communication skills, attitude, and leadership training. Additionally, we encourage group activities, hobbies, and team building in a structured manner.

At GFIS, students enjoy a vibrant cultural experience that celebrates the diverse traditions of India. Music, dance, drama, and art flourish as students showcase their talents during festivals that represent different regions of the country. While embracing India's rich cultural heritage, students are also exposed to other societies and ways of life through creative projects and various programs.

Educating children in the 21st century presents significant challenges to educators and parents alike. Unlike in the past, schools are not isolated sanctuaries, and the minds of today's children are not blank slates. Teachers must compete with social media, pop music, gaming, and 24-hour television to keep students engaged in their studies. In the age of information overload, teachers must help students distinguish true and useful information from the vast amount of data available online. Traditional scholarship is no longer feasible, and students must learn to manage their time effectively while engaging in selective reading.

In today's world, where success is often glorified at any cost, it is essential to instill high values and principles in young minds. However, this must be done without resorting to the divisive doctrines of organized religions. Instead, we need to educate the youth about universal human values and responsible citizenship while focusing on critical thinking, moral and scientific literacy. This way, they will be equipped to address the significant challenges that our society faces, such as economic inequality and poverty, social injustice and discrimination, ecological collapse, cybercrime, social conflicts, inequality, and poor governance. At GFIS, we prioritize the ethical aspects of education over quantitative outcomes, and our holistic approach to learning ensures that every child has a unique and lasting experience.

Mr. M. Sadayappan



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